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Montréal: Involvement at every stage of the drug development process

Major international players

Many international pharmaceutical and medical technology research and production companies have chosen Montréal for its skilled workforce, tax advantages and creative environment. Montréal has become one of the few places in the world where a company can complete the entire drug development process, from research to marketing.

The industry already has many sectors of excellence, in cancer, cardiology, genomics, diabetes, ageing, medical devices and contractual research.

The wide variety of companies that are well established on Montréal Island offer a multitude of business partnership opportunities.

The life sciences and health technologies sector in Montréal is:

  • 70% of the 620 private and public life sciences and health technologies facilities in Greater Montréal
  • 15% of foreign-owned companies
  • 31,500 jobs
  • the majority of Canadian pharmaceutical company head offices

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