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Montréal: Main biofood hub in eastern Canada

A thriving sector in Montréal

As the main biofood hub in eastern Canada, Montréal has gained distinction for its dynamic culture of innovation and its food processing and distribution companies. With more than 125,000 jobs, the biofood industry is one of the central pillars of the local economy. It accounts for nearly 30% of biofood sector jobs province wide.

The biofood industry in Montréal is:

  • 125,000 jobs
  • 28% of Quebec’s biofood GDP ($4.7 billion)
  • 27% of jobs in the sector in Quebec
  • 24% of industry capital investment in Quebec ($494.5 million)
  • Processing: 500 companies and 21,300 jobs
  • Restaurants: 6,800 restaurants and 66,000 jobs
  • Retail: 4,000 businesses and 25,000 jobs
  • Wholesale: 12,800 jobs