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New renovation program: Affordable Housing Renovation Program

Do you own a rental property with 6 or more dwellings, or a rooming house?

As of May 1, 2020,* the new Affordable Housing Renovation Program will offer funding to owners of rental properties. The goal is to encourage quality renovations and maintain a supply of affordable, healthful and safe rental housing.

*Subject to approval of the program by City Council.

What does the program consist of?

To be eligible, your building must have 6 dwellings or more, and five storeys or fewer. At least one-third of the dwellings must be leased at rents deemed to be affordable for the borough in which they are located. An increase to the subsidy is planned for buildings in which rents meet more stringent affordability levels. The condition of the building must be determined to be not too good, nor too bad (between 3 and 4 on a standard inspection scale established by the Ville de Montréal).

Once your application has been received, you must call on building experts to produce plans and specifications, supervise the renovation and complete other analyses and assessments.

The work must target elements essential for the preservation of the building or the health of its occupants. Some work is mandatory, including: replacement of a heating oil system or a privately owned lead water service line, extermination of vermin, and correction of health and safety problems.

In addition, Montréal will ask you to agree to certain conditions, in particular with regard to tenants’ rights. Consequently, you will not be able to evict tenants, nor enlarge or subdivide units. Other conditions may apply.

Amount of subsidy

The subsidy will represent between 30% and 40% of the cost of eligible work. The maximum subsidy amount is $14,000 per dwelling unit and $500,000 per building. Recognized professional fees will be eligible for 50% reimbursements.

Would you like to submit an application for the new program?

You may apply once the program comes into effect, scheduled for May 1, 2020. Check our website for more details as of that date.

Have you already applied for one of our existing renovation programs?

The Affordable Housing Renovation Program will replace the Major Residential Renovation program, except for the Demolition-Reconstruction component of that program, which will still be available for not-for-profit organizations. Buildings with fewer than 6 dwellings will remain eligible for the Renovation à la carte program. The Stabilization of Residential Building Foundations program remains unchanged.

Beginning on May 1, all applications for buildings with 6 dwellings or more will be processed under the new program. Until then, applications will be processed under the current programs according to existing requirements.