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2014-2017 Action Plan to Combat Unsanitary Housing

The City’s Plan will help to improve living conditions for tenants and housing quality by having owners bear the responsibility for sanitation problems.

Bad housing conditions impacts individuals health, safety and affects the daily life of families concerned. It damages relations among neighbours, as well as a community’s reputation as it stigmatizes a community and its inhabitants.

The action plan is based on five principles:

  1. Require owners to make corrective measures.
  2. Encourage owners to make improvements to their dwelling units.
  3. Take action against delinquent owners.
  4. Support tenants.
  5. Avoid stigmatization.

This plan involves a comprehensive ad coordinated approach that will guide the municipal efforts over the next four years.  

For further information, consult the Plan d’action de lutte à l’insalubrité des logements 2014-2017 [in FRENCH PDF - 95,2 Ko - 8 pages].