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The Ville de Montréal is not the only party involved in issues of sanitation, maintenance and safety of dwellings units. The following organizations may also be of help.

  • The Régie du logement informs tenants and landlords of their rights and obligations and promotes harmonious relationships between the parties regarding the clauses of a housing lease. If the parties fail to reach an agreement, the Régie is authorized to rule on the matter. You can contact the Régie du logement at 514-873-2245.
  • The Régie du bâtiment du Québec can take action when the electrical systems, gas installations or elevators in your building appear to constitute a safety hazard. The Régie will intervene if your landlord fails to act after having been informed of the problem. The telephone number for the Régie du bâtiment is 514-873-0976.
  • If you think that you may have health problems related to the lack of maintenance and sanitation of your dwelling, consult your doctor. Persons with diminishing abilities must contact their CLSC.
  • For information on bedbugs and what to do in case of infestation, please visit
  • Severals associations and organizations provide support for citizens who want to approach their landlord or their tenants on various issues. Contact your borough office or your Accès Montréal or consult your neighbourhood paper.
  • To prevent sanitation and maintenance or safety problems, owners of residential buildings can find out about the city’s financial assistance programs
  • for residential renovation: the city has several programs to help owners who must carry out costly renovation work.

As you can see, the By-law concerning the sanitation and maintenance and safety of dwelling units is designed to ensure the safety and quality of life of occupants of residential buildings. Complying with the by-law is all about good faith, and both owners and tenants are responsible for the quality of their dwelling units.