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Home Adaptation for Senior Citizens

New applications for this program are no longer accepted.

The Société d'habitation du Québec has announced its intention to revise the Home Adaptation for Senior Citizens program and consequently will not allocate a budget for this program.

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The Home Adaptation for Senior Citizens program grants financial assistance of up to $3,500 to low-income seniors ages 65 or over who need to make minor home adaptations in order to continue to live safely and independently in their house on apartment. The Société d'habitation du Québec (SHQ) administers the program and has delegated its application within city limits to the city.

What adaptations qualify for the program?

Your home adaptations qualify for the program if they help relieve the difficulties you experience in carrying out certain everyday activities in your home.

The adaptations must be permanent, built-in alterations to your home. For example, they may help you enter and leave your home or use your kitchen or bathroom facilities more easily.

Examples of qualifying adaptations include the following:

  • installing grab bars near the bathtub, and installing taps or handles that are easier to use.
  • installing easily-accessible switches or electrical outlets.

However, costs incurred for the purchase, maintenance or repair of aids to mobility such as wheelchairs and walkers do not qualify for support under the program.

Are you eligible for the program?

You may be eligible for the HASI Program if you are 65 years of age or over and:

  • you find it difficult to carry out certain everyday activities in your home.
  • your total household income does not exceed the amounts listed below that vary according to the number of people living with you and the municipality in which your home is located.
1 person or couple $27,000
2-3 persons, except couple $31,500
4-5 persons $36,500
6 persons and more $47,500

These maximum qualifying levels are for households in Montréal.

Other conditions also apply:

A number of other conditions must also be met:

  • the program applies only to the house or apartment that serves as your principal residence;
  • your household must not have received HASI program assistance during the last three years for the house or apartment that you occupy.
  • if you are a tenant, your landlord must agree to the work in writing;
  • you must continue to occupy the adapted house or apartment as your principal residence for at least 6 months.

Your apartment does not qualify for the program:

  • If it is a part of low-rental housing (LRH) complex belonging to the Société d’habitation du Québec (SHQ) or to housing office.
  • If it belongs to a housing cooperative or non-profit organization whose annual operating deficit is subsidized by the SHQ or by the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC).
  • If it is located in a residential building used principally to house senior citizens.

What type of financial assistance is available?

Financial assistance takes the form of a subsidy of up to:

  • $3,500 if the work is carried out by a contractor who holds the appropriate licences from the Régie du bâtiment du Québec;
  • $1,750 if the work is not carried out by a licensed contractor. In such cases, the amount of the assistance will be based on the price of the materials and equipment only.

The exact amount of assistance available will depend on the cost of the materials and labor required for the adaptations. The SHQ may set maximum levels.

Only work carried out after an eligibility certificate is issued by the city will qualify for the program. It is therefore important not to begin work until you have obtained the certificate.

In all cases, the subsidy is paid after the work has been completed.

Are you interested?

To see whether you qualify for the program, first make sure your household’s total income does not exceed the maximum qualifying level presented previously.

To apply, call 514-872-4630 and if you are eligible, a city representative will visit your home to help you establish your needs.

Please note that applications for assistance are processed on a first-come, first serve basis until the available funds have been exhausted.

For more information, contact the Société d’habitation du Québec at 1-800-463-4315 (toll-free), e-mail or visit the Services Québec office in your area.

The Home Adaptations for Senior Citizens program costs are shared by the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (75%) and the Société d’habitation du Québec (25%).