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Info-travaux LaSalle

You will find, on this page, a list of work projects under way in LaSalle. Along with the Info-travaux Montréal Internet site. this Info-travaux LaSalle page will help you find out about the nature of the public works projects carried out to improve LaSalle residents' living environment.

Want more details?
Info-travaux hotline at 514-367-6497.
At any time, if immediate action is required, phone 311.
To view the map showing the ensemble of roadworks in progress : Info-Travaux Montréal.(514 872-3777, EXT.1)


Two Post Offices are in LaSalle

Please call and make an appointment to collect your mail when Canada Post stop delivering mail when there is no sidewalk on roadwork., une carte d'identité avec photo sera exigée.

This map will help you to find out where your can pick up your mail. You must have an ID with your picture.  Call before for an appointment at Canada Post.

Succursale Champlain , 7979, rue Cordner, LaSalle                         10:30 AM - 5 PM , 514-365-6409 or 514-365-9944

Succursale LaSalle, 9566, rue Jean-Milot, LaSalle                           10:30 - 5 PM On appointment only at 514-366-0121



Roadwork on Avenue Dollard, between Gloria and Jean-Brillon 2017

Two weeks of work to complete the roadwork, second layer of asphalt and marking of the pavement in May 2017.

Travaux 2017

Investments in LaSalle
More than 30$ million  in 2017

Our Borough and the City plan on investing approximately $30 million in redeveloping buildings, parks and green spaces as well as improving and maintaining road, sewage and water supply systems in LaSalle this year.

The budget for these major investments comes from LaSalle’s and Montréal’s 3-year capital expenditure programs (CEPs), in addition to funds obtained from the City and government programs. Here is a list of the main projects planned for this year:

Sewage and water supply repairs (reconstruction or rehabilitation)

Other work projects

• Boulevard LaSalle, between 6e and 8e Avenue
• Completion of 2016 work – Rue Broadway (from 3e to 6e Avenue)
• Completion of 2016 work – Rue Francoeur (from Newport to Berhens)
• Completion of 2016 work – Rue Airlie (from Lafleur to 80e Avenue)

The purpose of these investments: better roads, beautiful sidewalks, attractive green parks and public buildings that are accessible and pleasant to visit.

Pool, park and green space renovations

• Complete renovation of Lacharité pool
• Water play facilities at parc Dalmany
• Complete renovation of parc Martineau
• Tennis courts in parc Ouellette
• Development of new lookouts and scenic points overlooking the river
• Senior-Friendly Municipality projects: access to baie de Quenneville,
parc Parent, urban furniture

 Public building renovations

• Complexe aquatique Michel-Leduc (Aquadôme)
• Air conditioning at centre culturel et communautaire Henri-Lemieux
• Borough Hall: universally-accessible elevator as well as heating,
air conditioning and washrooms•Complexe aquatique Michel-Leduc (Aquadôme)

 Sewer and Water works (reconstruction or rehabilitation)

• Boulevard LaSalle, between 6e and 8e Avenue
• End of work 2016 in 2017 - Rue Broadway (from 3e to 6e Avenue)
• End of work 2016 in 2017 - Rue Francoeur (from Newport to Berhens)
• End of work 2016 in 2017– Rue Airlie (from Lafleur to 80e Avenue)

Various works

• Installation of new underground recycling and waste bins
• Markings for bicycle lanes along avenue Dollard and rue Gagné
• Traffic lights at the corner of chemin du Musée and Saint-Patrick

Road repairs and reconstruction of streets 2017

• Many roads repairs
• Completion of 2016 roadwork on rue Gagné and avenue Dollard, between Gloria and Jean-Brillon

PRR #1 LaSalle   Info-Travaux LaSalle 514 367-6497

•  75e Avenue between Centrale and Airlie,
•  7e Avenue between Centrale and Champlain,
•  rue Brosseau between Lafleur and dead end,
•  rue Chouinard between Thierry and Bernie,
•  rue Doyle between Robidoux and Ménard,
•  rue Duranceau between Centrale and Centrale,
•  rue Hayward between Lafleur and cul-de-sac,
•  rue Lacroix between Dupras and St-Patrick,
•  L’avenue Orchard between Centrale and Airlie
•  rue Trudeau between Clément and Dollard

PRR #2 LaSalle  Info-Travaux LaSalle  514 367-6497

•  rue Lefebvre between boulevard Shevchenko and rue Giguère,
•  rue Ogilvie between rue Centrale and rue Centrale,
•  rue Paquette between avenue Béïque and rue John-f. kennedy,
•  rue Shirley between rue Desaulniers and rue Cordner,
•  rue Francoeur between rue de Newport and rue Behrens,
•  rue Galarneau between  rue Kless and rue Raymond.

PCPR LaSalle   Info-Travaux LaSalle 514 367-6497

•  38e avenue between avenue des Rapides and rue Caroll,
•  40e avenue betweenboulevard LaSalle and rue Centrale,
•  rue Baxter between rue Ducas and rue Leclerc,
•  rue Bayne between 90e avenue and rue Paquin, 
•  rue Ducas between rue Leclerc and rue Jean-chevalier,
•  rue Goldsbrough between rue Thierry and rue Curé-de-rossi,
•  rue Jean-chevalier between  rue Lapierre and rue Thierry,
•  rue Payant between rue Salley and rue Parent,
•  rue Thibert between rue Anita and rue Moreau.

PCPR Montréal #1   Info-Travaux Montréal 514 872-3777, ext. 1

• Airlie between Dupras and Highlands
• Bishop-Power between LaSalle and George
• Broadway between 1re and 3e Avenues
• Centrale between Allion and 3e Avenue
• Centrale between Champlain and 68e Avenue
• Chouinard between Lapierre and Lesage
• Cordner between Senkus and Angrignon
• Cordner between Dollard and Robidoux
• Dupras between LaSalle and Jeannette
• Lafleur betweenCentrale and Wanklyn
• Lapierre between Cordner and St-Patrick
• Lasalle between Gagné and Édouard
• Shevchenko between De la Vérendrye and Bouvier
• 75e Avenue between LaSalle and Centrale
• 75e Avenue between Parent and Salley
• 9e Avenue between George and Champlain

PCPR Montréal #2   Info-Travaux Montréal 514 872-3777, ext. 1

• Léger between St-Patrick and Chouinard
• Elmslie, between Dollard and Lafleur;
• Bergevin, between Jean-Milot and Clément
• Bergevin, between des Oblats and Jean-Milot;
• Des Oblats, between Wanklin and Terrasse des Oblats
• 80e Avenue, between Airlie and Boivin
• 67e Avenue between LaSalle andCentrale
• 63e Avenue between Champlain and Centrale
• Beyries between Latour and Champlain
• 35e Avenue between Centrale and Champain
• George between Albert-Couture and Bishop-Power

The purpose of these investments: better pavements, beautiful sidewalks, green and welcoming parks and accessible and and enjoyable public buildings. 

Roadworks, Sewers and Water pipes, Infrastructures and Parks in 2016

Ville de Montréal and the borough of LaSalle invest in 2016 in improvement and maintenance of the roads, sewers and Water pipes, as well as LaSalle' Parks.

RoadWorks :

• 3e Avenue (Centrale to Champlain)
• 15e Avenue
• 68e Avenue
• Allion (Centrale to Champlain)
• Alepin (Centrale to Champlain)
• André-Merlot (Pigeon to Lapierre)
• Baxter (Leclerc to Jean-Chevalier)
• Bernard
• Centrale (5e Avenue to Bishop-Power)
• Champlain (Bishop –Power to Gagné)
• Charbonneau
• Curé-de-Rossi
• Dollard (Gloria to Jean-brillon)
• Gagné
• Harrigan
• Juneau
• Lacharité (Champlain to Ouimet)
• Lafleur (LaSalle to Centrale)
• Lavallée
• Masse
• Nicolas-Moisan
• Pauline (Jacqueline to Benoit)
• Raymond (Georges to Champlain)
• Thelma (12e to 16e Avenues)
• Thierry (Doyle to Cordner)

Sewer and Water pipes works (rebuilding or rehabilitation)

• Airlie ( Lafleur to 90e Avenue)
• Broadway (4e to 8e Avenues)
• Francoeur
• Hull
• Lafleur (Clément to Elmslie)
• LaSalle (3e Avenue to Alepin)
•• Lefebvre ( David-Boyer to Shevchenko)
• Lemieux ( Rancourt to Giovanni-Caboto)
• Connecting water pipesbetween LaSalle to the Sud-Ouest (boul. Angrignon)
• Water pipes work close to boulevards Shevchenko and Newman

Works in the Parks

• Parc Maroni
• Water Pipes into two Community Gardens
• Building of Parks for dogs at parc Leroux
• Chalet de tennis at parc Hébert
• Nets Installations at parcs Leroux (to be finish in 2017) , Cavelier-de-LaSalle  and Riverside
• Installation of public art « Gram Dam » at Parc des Rapides (boulevard LaSalle-avenue Lacharité)

Other works

• Rebuilding of the pool Riverside from July 2016 to June 2017
• Installations of Place du 375e (To be finished in Summer 2017)
• Pedistrians and Cyclists bridge Lapierre
• Cycling path on Lapierre
• Reconstruction of rue Clément, between des Oblats and Lafleur
• Traffic Lights at Elmslie and Dollard