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Bulletin of the borough

Info-travaux LaSalle 2018

You will find on this page a list of 2018’s public works in LaSalle.

Along with the Info-travaux Montréal Website.

This Info-travaux LaSalle page provides general information on public works
that are carried to improve LaSalle residents' living environment.

Want more details?
Info-travaux LaSalle hotline at 514-367-6497

At any time if immediate action is required phone 311.


To view 2018’s map of planned and ongoing road works:

Info-Travaux Montréal (514 872-3777, EXT.1)


Investment of more than $32 million
in LaSalle in 2018

LaSalle and the City of Montreal plan on investing approximately $32 million in redeveloping buildings,
parks and green spaces as well as improving and maintaining road, sewage and water supply systems
in our borough this year. These major investments are made possible through LaSalle’s and Montréal’s 
3-year Capital Expenditure Programs (CEPs). Additional funding is provided by the City and
government programs.

These investments are going towards improving our local infrastructure as well as providing our
citizens quality public spaces with increased accessibility.

Note: Public pools opening times will not be affected by public works.

Here is a list of main projects planned for 2018:

Sewage and water supply repairs (reconstruction or rehabilitation)

• 65e Avenue, from Beyries to Hepworth - Reconstruction of water supply and wastewater
• Rue d'Eastman- Rehabiliation of water supply system
• 63e Avenue, from LaSalle to Centrale - Rehabilitation of water supply system

PRR LaSalle (Complete paving and complete sidewalks)

• Rue de Hull,
• Rue Giguère
• Rue Bayne, from 80e Avenue to avenue Paquin
• Rue Clément, from Lafleur to Trudeau
• Rue Parent, from 75e Avenue to rue Jetté
• Rue Béique, from Lithuania to Chartrand
• 76e  Avenue, from Centrale to de Matane
• Avenue Lacharité , from boulevard LaSalle to rue Ouimet
• Avenue Sénécal, from boulevard Champlain, through rue Bannon to rue Ouimet (2 blocs)

PCPR Montréal (Complete paving and some portions of sidewalks)

• LaSalle, From Lyette to Strathyre
• LaSalle, From Lafleur to Terrasse Greenfield
• Lafleur, From Wanklin to Clément
• LaSalle, From 43e Avenue to 75e Avenue
• Lapierre, From Cordner to De la Vérendrye
• Senkus, From Cordner to St-Patrick
• Irwin, From Newman to St-Patrick
• 90e Avenue, From Red Cross to Bayne

  • Boulevard Newman, From Senkus to Dollard

PCPR 1 LaSalle (Complete paving and some portions of sidewalks)

• Rue Vézina,  From St-Patrick until curve
• Rue Dufresne, From Robidoux to Ménard
• Rue Jetté, From de Beauport to Salley
• Rue Centrale, From Maria to Des Oblats
• Rue Gloria, From avenue Dollard to rue John-F.-Kennedy
• Rue Lussier, From Parent to Salley
• Rue Moreau, From Chouinard to Serge
• Rue Browning, From Jean-Brillon to Thierry
• Rue Charron, From Lévis-Sauvé to Gamelin
• Rue Pilon, From Lévis-Sauvé to George
• Rue Michaud, From Centrale to Ogilvie
• Rue George, From Raymond to 30e Avenue

PCPR 2 LaSalle (Complete paving and some portions of sidewalks)

• Saguenay, From Dollard to John-F.-Kennedy
• 40e avenue, From 35e Avenue to Centrale
• 40e Avenue, From 35e Avenue to 30e Avenue
• 41e Avenue, From Centrale to the elementary school at the corner of 41e Avenue
   (École Notre-Dame-des-Rapides)
• 30e Avenue, From Raymond to George
• Bouvier, From Shevchenko to Louis-Joliet

PRCPR LaSalle    (Asphalt correction in roadway's center only)

• Des Oblats, From LaSalle to dead end
• Maria
• 1ère Avenue, From Centrale to Champlain
• Duhamel
• 30e Avenue, from 39e Avenue to George

 PRCPR Montréal    (Asphalt correction in roadway's center only)

• boulevard Shevchenko, From Bouvier to Jean-Brillon

Public pools, parks and spaces

• Parc Dalmany – Construction of a paddle pool and partial refection of the Park
• Parc Ouellette – Acrylic painting marking on tennis courts built in 2017
• Boulevard LaSalle and Avenue Dupras Intersection : Conversion of a pumping station to lookouts
   and scenic points
• Senior-Friendly Municipality Projets:
    o  Parc Parent – Installation of urban furniture and open-air exercise area
    o  Baie de Quenneville – Construction of a walkway
• Jeux d’eau Aquaciel – Refection of playground’s surface wear
• Parc Lawrence – Reconstruction of water park
• Chemin du musée, St-Patrick and Lyette Intersection – Urban planting
• Street light refurbishment in different parks
• Parc Lacharité – Refurbishment of pool and chalet
• Mairie de LaSalle – Refurbishment of parking
• De l’Aqueduc cycling path along boulevard Champlain – Urban planting and landscaping between 
   Raymond and Bishop-Power boulevard

Public buildings

• Complexe aquatique Michel-Leduc (Aquadôme) – Refection of locker rooms
• Centre culturel et communautaire Henri-Lemieux – Installation of air conditioning
• Mairie de LaSalle - Construction of universally-accessible elevator, parking, roof terrace
• Arena Jacques-Lemaire - Installation of air conditioning and locker rooms 
• Refection of doors and windows of parks chalets

Various works

• Bicycle lanes marking along Avenue Orchard, between LaSalle and Centrale
• Refurbishment of traffic lights at De LaVerendrye and Ducas intersection
• Refurbishment of seven (7) traffic lights on Newman
• Parc Leroux – Rebuilding of Lacharité pool 




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