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Bulletin of the borough

Extracts from bylaws

Here are a few extracts from bylaws most often requested by residents. If you would like to obtain a bylaw not found on this page, phone the Borough of LaSalle's Affaires publiques et le greffe office at 514 367-6392. You will then be able to drop by and pick up a copy of the pages you need, at a cost of $0.35 per page, or a copy of the whole bylaw, for a maximum price of $35 per bylaw.

  • Dogs and cats Bylaw on dogs, cats and wild animals (in French)
    [120 KB - 11 pages]
  • Separate collections for garbage and recyclables Bylaw on separate collections of garbage and recyclable or reusable materials (in French)
    [54 KB - 7 pages]
  • Rivers and waterfront areas Bylaw establishing certain safety measures for public use of the St. Lawrence River and its waterfront areas within the limits of the Borough of LaSalle – no. 1488 (in French)
    [312 KB - 6 pages]
  • Engine idling Bylaw on nuisance caused by a vehicle engine (in French)
    [32 KB - 2 pages]
  • Nuisances (noise) Bylaw on nuisances, and noise in particular (in French)
    [47 KB - 5 pages]
  • Nuisances (general) Bylaw on peace, order and good government, general well-being and nuisances (in French)
    [211 KB - 19 pages]
  • Birds and small animals Bylaw on pigeons, seagulls or any other bird species as well as small wild animals, such as squirrels, skunks, etc. (in French)
    [25 KB - 1 page]
  • Parks and public places Bylaw on parks and public places (in French)
    [34 KB - 4 pages]
  • Pesticides Bylaw prohibiting the use of pesticides in the environment (in French)
    [50 KB - 12 pages]