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You have found some graffiti or tags on your fence and you don't know how to remove these markings? Your borough can offer you a whole series of measures and practical advice to get rid of graffiti. Click here [PDF – 264 KB - 2 pages] to read lots of tips and tricks for getting rid of graffiti.

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Public property

When residents notice graffiti or tags marked on a building belonging to the Borough, or on urban furniture, they may contact 514 367-1000 or 311 to report it.

Private property (residential, commercial or industrial)
It is preferable for the owner who has been a victim of graffiti artists to file a complaint with the police, by phoning 911.

Owners may then contact the Éco-quartier LaSalle by phoning 514 367-6000, ext. 6500.

They must also fill out and sign an authorization form to provide access to these crews and release these workers from any liability. By signing this form, they consent to give the cleaning crews access to the property located at the address marked on the form, so that these crews can come there and carry out the work involved in removing, cleaning or concealing graffiti that is visible from the street as well as any reoccurrences in the future.

The costs of the work carried out as well as the products used (except for paint provided by the owner, if need be) are fully covered by the Éco-quartier.

Cleaning crews are not under any obligation to achieve any specific results. Moreover, the owner is advised that the cleaning operations may leave certain traces, marks or other blotches or spots on the surfaces that have been treated.