41stedition Montrealers Chill in Winter

December 15, 2019 March 15, 2020

For the 41st edition of the Montral l'il photography competition, the Centre d'histoire de Montral invited participants to dress warmly to go out and meet Montrealers in one of their natural habitats: winter.

Christmas markets, the Nuit blanche, the Fte des neiges, and Igloofest are among the many reasons to go out in the cold besides practising winter sports and shovelling snow.

In their photographs, participants have captured Montrealers love of playing in the snow and their successful adaptation to frigid temperatures.

The jury, made up of the competitions representatives and partners, analyzed the many photographs and awarded four prizes.

You can see all the photos submitted to the competition in the Flickr album.

The winners are:

1st Prize - Tourisme Montral

By Christian Brault

These valiant cyclists are standing up to winter, tilting at the windmill of the Olympic Stadium!

A contagious energy emanates from this image.

1st prize

2nd prize - Photoservice

Fighting their way through ice
By Normand Picard

A no-miss Montreal event: the ice canoe race.

The atmosphere and sensibility of this image evoke strength and motion.

2e prix

3rd prize - Maison de la photo de Montral

Perfect winter day at Parc La Fontaine
By Anthony Mitchell

On a sunny day after a snowstorm, everyone enjoys the best moments of winter.

An uncomplicated picture of a family scene in an atmosphere of innocent pleasure.

3rd prize

The Conseil jeunesse de Montral prize - City of Montreal

By Marine Bourbeau

This photo expresses childrens love of snow in winter.

The whirling snowflakes create a striking, magical effect, augmented by the sharpness of the image.