Expo 67. Youth and Their World

Level   Primary – Cycle 3
Duration of the tour  

2 hours

Place   In two temporary exhibitions: Explosion 67 and Expo Extra!
Language   French and English

The Centre d’histoire de Montreal invites students on a very dynamic tour of two exhibitions that discuss an important event in contemporary Montreal history: Expo 67!

Students can discover and imagine what it was like to be a child growing up in Montreal during the late 1960s, around the time their grandparents were their age, and when the Internet was nothing more than a far off dream. Expo 67 allowed young people into a sort of vast, living encyclopedia. It’s not hard to understand why so many young people would return again and again during the six months of Expo, not to mention the years that followed, with Man and His World!

Steps to the visit:

  1. Introduction in the Expo Extra! exhibition
    • Review of the pre-visit activity, Being a Kid in 1967.
    • Some basic information about Expo 67 using a huge aerial photograph of the site: the location, the dates, the number of visitors, etc.
    • Each student receives an activity workbook designed like an Expo 67 passport.
  2. A tour of the Expo Extra! exhibition. In teams, students rotate between six stations.
  3. A tour of the Explosion 67. Youth and Their World exhibition. In teams, students rotate between six stations, which include a virtual reality Minirail tour.
Note: We ask that you please form 6 teams per class before arriving at the museum.
Educational activities  

Educational materials include:

  • Pre-visit activity: Being a Kid in 1967
  • Post-visit activity: Learning More About Expo 67 and a list of suggested activities