38thedition Now, Thats Montral

September 15, 2016 to February 15, 2017

As Montreals 375th birthday approaches, the Centre dhistoire de Montral invites photography buffs to join in a quest whose goal is to capture the image they think best represents the Montreal of today.

Whether the focus is on an icon, an emblematic symbol, or a scene of everyday life, the photographs meriting prizes will express the essence of Montreal the citys DNA, that little something which, when we see it, makes us exclaim: Now, Thats Montral!

In collaboration with Tourisme Montral, Photoservice, Ville de Montral and Conseil jeunesse de Montral.

And the winners are:

1st prize - Tourisme Montral

Bleu et rouge, la couleur de la neige
By Freddy Arciniegas

Montreal after a snowstorm. The snow has brought an idyllic interlude to this pocket of nature in the middle of the usually teeming metropolis. At first glance, we have the impression of being in a Jean Paul Lemieux painting. But colours emerge from the blanket of snow, along with the sounds of laughter and skate blades scraping the ice. Montrealers know how to enjoy themselves in winter; in the popular imagination, Montreal is winter!

1st prize

2nd prize - Photoservice

By Lili-Violette Daumen

A fall scene has become a hyper-realist painting that holds our attention. The photos composition draws us into the atmosphere of Montreal in autumn, inviting us to stroll through this back lane. Despite the warm colours, we feel a chill in the air conveyed by glimpses of blue sky and the bundled-up figures of the young walkers. Wed like to join them for a well-deserved pause in a setting common to many Montreal neighbourhoods, enhanced here by the photographers sensitivity.

2nd prize

3rd prize - Ville de Montral

By Manny Fortin

This photograph has captured the gauzy aura of an aerial view of Montreal on a frigid winter day. The downtown skyscrapers and Mount Royal are engaged in a dialogue with the vapours rising from the city. We are immersed in the cold, appearing otherworldly here, but which never keeps Montrealers indoors in any season of the year.

3rd prize

Conseil jeunesse de Montral's prize - Ville de Montral

Entre ciel et terre
By Flix Lasson

The young photographer has presented a stunning view of what he considers an iconic symbol of Montreal. Despite its problematic relationship with the city over the years, the Olympic Stadium remains a beacon on the skyline, cherished by Montrealers.

Many thanks to our partners

  • Tourisme Montral
  • Le Quartier des spectacles
  • Photoservice