Historians of Tomorrow

Historians of Tomorrow: Investigating Montreal

Level   Primary - Cycle 3
Duration of the tour   1 hour 30 minutes
Place   The Traces. Places. Memories permanent exhibition
Language   French and English

The Centre d’histoire de Montréal invites students to participate in a three-part, dynamic visit that has them act as apprentice historians. In class, before the visit, students work in groups to learn about a famous Montrealer. Then, at the museum, they collect information about that person’s era with a series of three activities. Once back at school, they’ll create a poster and present it to their class.

A museum tour in three parts (3 x 30 minutes):

1. A guided tour of the permanent exhibition, Traces. Places. Memories, will allow students to get their historical bearings.

2. A group exploration and research session in the exhibition will help document the time period of their historical figure. Each team will investigate the room that corresponds with that Montrealer’s era.

3. An investigatory workshop on objects from the museum’s collection, with links to the groups’ historical figures, will complement the information they found in the exhibition.

Educational activities  
  • Educational materials
    Historians of Tomorrow [196 Ko - 8 pages]
  • Before the tour
    • Investigating the life of a famous Montrealer (necessary prior to the visit)
      The class is divided into five teams that are each assigned a historical figure. During this activity, done either in their groups or individually, students will get to know this person.
    • Introduction: The Profession of Historian (suggested complimentary activity)
      What do historians do? Where, how and with what things do they work?
  • After the tour
    Producing a poster: Montreal at the time of…
    Using the information collected before and during their visit to the museum, each team prepares a poster on their historical figure’s era and presents it in front of the class.
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