34rd edition Montreal: Design in Everyday Life

August 15, 2012 to February 13, 2013

The wide variety of subjects chosen by the photographers shows the extensive presence of design in Montreal. The images we received reflect the citys diversity, yet certain motifs appeared again and again: the Metro, the Palais des congrs, the Olympic stadium They resonate with both Montrealers and visitors as characteristic visuals of the city icons and symbols of design in Montreal.

And the winners are:

1st prize Tourisme Montral

Printemps montralais
By Adrien Williams

This photograph is remarkable in its quality, its subject, and the visually arresting way it integrates these everyday elements. The bus, the bench, and the trees evoke the major impact of design on the quality of public space in our daily lives.

1er prix

2nd prize - Photoservice

Maison symphonique
By Philip Roberge

In an exemplary combination of architecture and design, the suspended elements give a musical rhythm to the minimalist style of the space. The human presence blends harmoniously into the overall score, showing that design exists also and above all for those who live in it on an everyday basis.

2e prix

3rd prize - Bureau du design de la Ville de Montral

By Sleyman Mutlu

A highly successful variation on a site that stands out in Montreal design for its daring use of colour. The photograph turns the space into a vibrant abstract painting. People melt into the composition, in which architecture and contemporary design are seen in dialogue with the street and its denizens.

3e prix

Many thanks to our partners

  • Bureau du design of the City of Montreal
  • Tourisme Montral
  • Photoservice