33rd edition Montral, Cultural Metropolis

September 15 November 15, 2011

The theme raised many questions, and also some surprising answers from participants. For them, Montral itself is culture!

And winners are:

1st prize - Ville de Montral

Soir de spectacle et de pluie la PdA
Lucie Poulin

Black shadows pass in front of this surrealist photo of the new lighted screens at Place des Arts. Art takes root in a city in movement and art takes hold of passersby during their everyday activities!

The jury salutes the photographers talent in creating an aesthetically consistant image from the moving screens that expresses the relationship being created between Montrealers and culture that is increasingly accessible to a greater number of people. The symmetrical composition and contrasts of colour are striking.

Current and inviting!

1st prize

2nd prize - Photoservice

Place de l'homme
Tristan Breeuwer

In this photo, Calders Man is like an actor in a thriller set in the 19th century The tension is palpable! What will jump out of the background?

This public art monument, a remnant of Expo 67, couldnt do a better job of expressing both the plastic beauty of a work of art with multiple facets and the romantic and mysterious character of the islands across from Montral.

The sensitive point of view and enchanting harmony of the grey tones, enhanced by the fog, reveal a fascinating aspect of this emblematic sculpture.


2nd prize

3rd prize

Andr Jodoin

This photo presents Luc Corchesnes first installation in the Satosphre, a historic moment for SAT (Socit des Arts Technologiques).

From first glance, the futuristic environment takes us to another dimension. The shapes and words suck us in like a black hole.

The photographer has succeeded in capturing this moment of a show in movement by giving it an independent graphic consistency. His photo also invokes the immersive character of the experience, without hiding the fact that humans are behind the technology.


3rd prize

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