29th edition Industrial Montral

May 7 November 18, 2007

Since 1850, Montral has inherited an impressive industrial complex of silos, factories, warehouses, refineries and railroads. These tonnes of reinforced concrete and heavy steel have given Montral a real urban jungle feel, a landscape that is ripe for photographic adventures.

And winners are:

First prize

Peter A. Berra

Award worth $1,000.

First prize

Second prize

Marie-Laure Blaise

Award worth $750.

Second prize

Third prize

Silo no 5
David Champagne

Award worth $500.

Third prize

Honourable mention

Rflexion sur l'abandon
Serge Maheu

$350 gift certificate courtesy of the Nicolin & Gublin art gallery. .

Honourable mention : Rflexion sur l'abandon, by Serge Maheu

Industrial Montral

A selection of photos was exhibited at the Centre dhistoire de Montral from March 14 to November 30, 2008.