Walking tours

The CHM’s guided tours give the public the chance to discover little known aspect’s of Montréal’s urban civilization. They facilitate sensitive, humanized contact with history and knowledge, and bring to life, in all their modesty, some of the most surprising and unforgettable moments in the history of Montréal and Montrealers.

Excursions in Lost Neighbourhoods.

In the footsteps of Marie-Josèphe Angélique

Walking tour

March 18 and 25 (in English), and April 1 (in French) at 11 a.m.

Duration: 90 minutes

Starting point: Centre d’histoire de Montréal
End point: Place d’Armes

Regular admission fees (include the access of the different exhibitions in the museum).
Reservations at 514 872-3207

Who set fire to Montreal on April 10, 1734? Was it Angélique, the Widow Francheville’s Black slave, who was accused and condemned for the crime? If it wasn’t her, than who is guilty? Or was it an accident?

Investigate the case with the help of a guide from the Centre d’histoire de Montréal and explore the history of justice and slavery in Montreal, when it was a French colonial town.

This tour includes a visit to our exhibition Traces. Places. Memories, as well as an outdoor walk, during which visitors will retrace the lives of Montrealers from the time of New France.

Organized to coincide with the Black Theatre Workshop and Tableau D’Hôte Theatre’s production of Angélique.?@

Angélique, by Lorena Gale
Directed by Mike Payette 
March 16 to April 2, 2017
The Studio, Segal Centre for the Performing Arts
5170, chemin de la Côte Ste-Catherine