You Are Part of History

You Are Part of History

Level   Secondary – “Classes d’accueil” (for recent immigrants learning French)
Duration of the tour   Ten- to 12-week educational program, including a day at the CHM and a workshop in class led by one of the museum’s cultural facilitators and accompanied by a cameraman.
Place   In the classroom, at home and at the CHM (multi-purpose room and the Traces. Places. Memories. permanent exhibition).
Language   French only.

Vous faites partie de l'histoire! [2 pages] In French

“You Are Part of History!” is an educational program for students in “classes d’accueil” at their secondary school.

The objective of the “You Are Part of History!” program is to introduce students from cultural communities to the history of their new city by talking to them about immigration and the importance of their family’s heritage, among other things. The core of the project is researching a family heirloom, so that each student can feel that his or her history is part of the city’s history.

For eight to 10 weeks, students will participate in activities in class and go on a tour of the CHM. They will create an oral and written presentation about the heirlooms of their families. At the end of the project, their work is made public by the CHM.

This approach helps to integrate new arrivals into Montréal’s cultural mosaic and promote the stories of immigrant families, while developing their French-language skills.

The program is part of the administrative agreement between the city and the Ministère de l’Immigration et des Communautés Culturelles.

Cost   Except for transportation to the museum, the activity is free for schools in all of Montréal’s 19 boroughs. For schools elsewhere, please contact the Head of Educational Programs.
Educational activities  
  • Educational materials will be sent upon registration
    • Educational handbook for the teacher.
    • Activity sheets for students.
    • “Montréal en 5 temps” Journal for each student
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