Living in Montral During the Era of New France

Living in Montral New France

Level Primary - Cycle 2
Duration of the tour 1 hour 30 minutes
Place Multipurpose room for a presentation on the Iroquoians of Hochelaga, New France room in the permanent exhibition and a short outdoor tour on Place DYouville, between the CHM and Place Royale.
Language French and English

Discover Hochelaga and Montral back in the days of New France through the stories of Mahican, Wapikoni and Franoise God and walk through the streets of Old Montral to find traces of this era.

This tour has two parts: one inside the museum and one outdoors.

In the museum:

Students will learn about Montrals history, from the First Nations presence to the end of the French regime, and observe Iroquoians and Montral society of the era through the stories of children. Mahican and Wapikonis stories portray life in Hochelaga in 1535, and students will learn about life in Montral through the story of Franoise God, a nine-year-old who was present at Montrals founding in 1642.

Outdoor tour:

Well take a mini-excursion to look for traces of Franoises Montral that of the first Montrealers that will take us along the Place DYouville from the CHM to Place Royale.

Educational activities
  • Educational materials

    Living in Montral During the Era of New France[514 KB - 7 pages] (in French)

  • Before the tour
    Franoise, Age 9, Founder of Montral?

    Students will get to know Franoise God, a 9-year-old girl who was present when Montral was founded in 1642.