Two options: Filou Mangeville or Fire!

Level   DAY CAMPS — AGES 6 TO 12
Duration of the visit  

75 minutes
From June 29 to August 21, 2020

Place   Outdoor activity
Capacity   40 children (2 groups)
Language   English and French

Option 1: Outdoor activity

Professor Filou Mangeville and the Memory Thieves

The devious Professor Filou Mangeville was arrested a few years ago, only to stage a daring escape. He has since been recaptured, but his network of spies is more active than ever and the city's history is in danger! With your team of time-travelling Chrononauts and an Explorer's Notebook in hand, set out on an adventure from the CHM to the Old Port.

As Chief Chrononaut, a CHM guide will supervise the rally and ensure the successful outcome of the mission. The children have ten challenges to solve to keep Filou's spies from carrying out his dastardly plan.

Option 2: Indoor activity

Fire! To the Rescue: Montreal's Fire Services

The Centre d'histoire de Montréal is celebrating its last year on the site of the former fire station at Place D'Youville.

In a tribute to this heritage building, campers are invited to discover an unusual facet of Montréal's past: fire – with its good and bad sides – and the equipment and techniques used throughout history to fight it. They will learn how people sounded the alarm before the invention of the 9-1-1 system and what everyday life was like for a firefighter fifty years ago. They will also hear stories about fires that transformed the city.

As well, children will be able to handle objects related to the City's firefighting services.

Please note that this activity is free of charge for City of Montréal day camps. All other day camps will be charged a minimal fee of $1.85 per child.

24-hour cancellation policy, or activity will be charged.

Educational activities  

No preparation required.
During the tour, the day camp's counsellors remain responsible for the group's discipline.