Word from the director

Jean-Franois Leclerc

You are part of history! This is what the CHM says to Montrealers of all conditions and origins through its exhibitions, educational activities and projects in the boroughs.

Their everyday experience of the city, its neighbourhoods, its places and its events, enhances knowledge taken from written and visual archives. It also reveals the hidden history of buildings, places and streets that make up our common heritage, making it more accessible and meaningful for most of our fellow citizens.

In order for this individual memory to enrich our collective memory, we must know how to present it, and how to question and confront it so that it can deliver the best of itself.

So the CHM turned its microphones, cameras and attention towards its inhabitants. Bit by bit, through different projects, diverse origins, languages and traditions emerged, along with conditions, human experiences and opinions, all of the things that make urban life so rich and attractive.

For the past decade, we have pursued this work of listening to Montrealers and preserving their memory at the museum and across the island of Montral. Our toolbox for understanding the city has been enhanced, to the benefit of both visitors and residents.

Jean-Franois Leclerc, Director

Crdit photo :  milie Tournevache, Service de laudiovisuel (UQM)