Room rentals

This service is currently unavailable.

How would you like to hold your next special event in a splendid fire station built in 1903? The fully renovated ground floor and a multi-purpose room on the first floor are available for rent.

Technical specifications of rentable areas of CHM

For launches, press conferences, etc. (Weddings and anniversaries are not permitted).

Two zones of the museums ground floor:

  • Rear area for the event itself:
    • Seats 30, standing room for 100 additional people
    • Available material: 30 chairs, a lectern, a podium (measurements: 35 inches by 48 inches, 9 inches high), 5 easels
    • A sound system (optional, additional fees apply)
    • Access to back door (delivery area).
  • Hall with welcome table and buffet:
    • Welcome table with two chairs (tablecloth needed but not included)
    • Possibility of three tables for the buffet (tablecloth needed but not included)
    • Posters can be put up on the walls
    • Waste receptacles
    • 20-cup coffee maker (milk, sugar, cups, stirrers not provided)
    • Access to coat room
    • No refrigerator

Area of rooms:

Front: 500 square feet (20 feet by 25 feet)
Back: 440 square feet (20 feet by 25 feet, not including the elevator).

Available during the day, when the museum is not open to the public, or during the evening.

Rental fees: Starting at $650 (minimum of 4 hours).

A CHM security guard must be present at all times at your expense.

Multi-purpose room, first floor

For conferences, round tables, meetings, conventions, etc.

Convention configuration: one or two tables, 50 chairs
Round table configuration: 8 tables, 20 chairs
Area of the room:
480 square feet (20 feet by 24 feet).

  • Screen and overhead projector
  • A 27-inch television DVD player
  • A portable CD-cassette player
  • A coatroom located directly inside the multi-purpose room
  • A 2-3 table buffet can be set up in the adjoining hallway (tablecloths needed and are not provided by the CHM).
  • 20-cup coffee maker (milk, sugar, cups, etc. must be provided by user)
  • Waste receptacle
  • Drinking water available
  • Small refrigerator.

Available any time of day or evening, depending on reservations. More information available upon request.