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Emerald Ash Borer

By-law 15-040 to stop the spread of the emerald ash borer on the territory of Montréal was adopted on May 25 and has been officially in force since June 1, 2015. Below you will find detailed information on how to comply with the new by-law:

By-law to stop the spread of the emerald ash borer

Coloured markings are often used to monitor and plan operations on public trees. These colours may indicate a pesticide treatment, pruning, felling or another intervention. Each borough has its own colour code. To learn more about operations on trees in your area, contact your borough.

Important message:

In order to limit the spread of the emerald ash borer, the city asks residents to not place deciduous tree branches in their garbage can or green waste bag. They should be placed on the curbside in unattached bundles, and you should call 311 to have them picked up. Thank you for your valuable cooperation.


High risk area