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The Green Line

Created in 2004 to support the Pesticides use By-law, the Green Line is a free consultation service that helps the borough's citizens to find sustainable and ecologically friendly solutions to common gardening problems. Complementary to the Eco-quartier Pierrefonds-Roxboro, the Green Line also answers questions about ecological practices such as composting, grass cycling, rain water collection and other environmental activities.

The Green Line offers a personal consultation service that may also lead to a lawn or tree inspection by the inspector in horticulture to make a visual diagnosis or to evaluate the conditions that encourage the presence of pests (insects, weeds, diseases).

You can contact the Green Line by phone at 514 624-1215 or by e-mail at


Ville de Montréal has adopted, in 2004, a strict by-law that controls the use of pesticides on its territories. In fact, By-law 04-041 prohibits the use of pesticides for aesthetic purposes outside of buildings.

Despite the present by-law, pesticides may be used in the following cases:

For more information concerning by-law, low impact pesticides and municipal knowledge on horticultural problems, consult the website Montréal sans pesticides (in French only) or contact the Borough's Green line.

Penal provisions to By-law on Pesticides

Any person who contravenes to By-law 04-041 or an ordinance adopted in accordance with article 27, or tolerates or allows a violation is guilty of an offence and is liable:

  • In the case of an individual: to a fine of $100 to $2000;
  • In the case of a corporation: to a fine of $300 to $4000.