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Sustainable development

Subsidy Program - Washable Diapers

Like many municipalities in Québec and boroughs in Montréal, the borough of Pierrefonds-Roxboro is continuing its environmentally-friendly initiatives in announcing the creation of a program of financial assistance for families interested in using cloth (washable) diapers instead of disposable ones. Borough Council approved the creation as well as the terms and conditions of the program at its meeting on May 7.

Through a partnership with VertCité, the organization that runs the Éco-quartier Pierrefonds-Roxboro, the program provides for the distribution of financial assistance of up to $100 per child for the use of cloth diaper service or the purchase of cloth diapers—for a maximum of $4,500 annually for the entire program.


Strategic Plan for Sustainable Development

The realization of the borough's Strategic Plan for Sustainable Development (SPSD) was made possible thanks to the involvement of our different social citizen groups, both environmental and economical.

The general orientations of the SPSD are the following:

  • To improve air quality and reduce GHG emissions;
  • To ensure the quality of life in the residential areas;
  • To practice responsible management of resources;
  • To adopt better practices for sustainable development in businesses and institutions;
  • To improve the protection of the biodiversity of our natural habitats and green spaces.


The annual reviews allow the evolution of actions for the Borough's Strategic Plan for Sustainable Development to be monitored. When the Plan was drawn up, indicators were established for each action, in order to measure progress towards meeting the objectives for sustainable development.