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Walk safely!

In Montreal, 50% of road deaths are pedestrians, and every year more than 1300 pedestrians are struck by vehicles (source: SPVM). The collaboration of all road users, especially drivers and pedestrians is required in order to reduce road deaths.

Drivers: watch for pedestrian crosswalks

Signage indicating that pedestrians could cross safelyWhen the roadway is marked with symbols and signs indicating a pedestrian crossing, the driver must show caution and yield the road to pedestrians needing to cross. When a pedestrian walks through a pedestrian crosswalk, the driver of a road vehicle must stop and allow him/her to cross.

Pedestrians: three instructions for crossing intersections with pedestrian lights

Bouton allowing to activate the pedestrian crossing cyclePress the pedestrian walk button to activate the pedestrian phase.

The button operates in the traffic lights cycle by extending the pedestrian crossing time. Pedestrians must use the button to have time to cross the street safely. When the button is used, the crossing time is 24 seconds (figure: 10 seconds and numerical countdown: 14 seconds). If you don’t press the button, no time will be allocated to pedestrian crossing.

Pedestrians can cross the roadCross when the figure appears

When the figure appears, you can cross after having looked both directions for traffic.

Time remaining to crossThe numerical countdown indicates the time allocated to cross.





Pedestrians should not cross the road Do not cross when the orange hand appears

When the orange hand appears, do not cross. If the hand or figure starts to flash, do not cross. If you are on the roadway already, cross quickly.

If there are only traffic lights, you have the right-of-way on the green light.