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Animal control

Montréal adopted a new animal control by-law on October 3, 2016. This by-law sets out a number of rules for behaviour and civic-mindedness to ensure residents’ safety and peace and quiet, as well as cleanliness of public property.

Dogs and cats permit

All dogs and cats that live within Montréal’s city limits must obtain an annual permit. The permit is valid anywhere within Montréal’s city limits.

How to obtain or renew a license for my pet?

Fill out the application form and send it by post. It is also possible to go in person at the Borough Hall located at the following address:

13665, boulevard de Pierrefonds
Pierrefonds (Québec) H9A 2Z4

For pricing and procedures to follow depending on your type of animal, visit

For owners of three (3) dogs

Please note that you must be on site to obtain a special permit. You must provide written evidence of sterilization, vaccination and microchipping from the veterinarian for each dog, unless written notice from a veterinarian indicates that it can not be.

For more information, please consult

For dog walkers

Please note that the dog walker license can only be requested by a company. For more information, visit

Annual renewal

A permit will have to be renewed annually based on the date of issue. Additional charges will apply if the permit is renewed after a full year has elapsed from the date that the permit was issued.

New pet tag

The new, silver, rosette-shaped pet tag issued on since October 1, 2017 is valid for the animal's entire life. However, the permit must be renewed annually. Charges will apply to replace the tag if it is lost or damaged.

You lost your pet?

Contact animal shelters that welcome stray or abandoned animals.
For any questions about animal control visit

Rodent (squirrels, mice, rats, etc.)

Public property

Inquiries concerning the presence of rodents on public property are handled by the Borough's Public Works Department.

Private property

The presence of rodents inside a private building must be handled by the owner who can request, at his expense, the intervention of the Centre canin du Suroît, 450 510-1508 or of an accredited association such as the Association québécoise de gestion parasitaire (AQGP).