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Residential swimming pools safety

The safety of our children is a priority in our borough. Before you buy or install an in-ground, above ground or inflatable pool, we recommend that you see article 143 of the Pierrefonds-Roxboro Borough's zoning by-law CA29 0040.

Inspections will take place throughout the summer season to ensure compliance of the facilities for the safety of our children.


It is prohibited to do without a permit:

  • Building construction;
  • The alteration of a building under the Building Code of Quebec;
  • The modification, replacement or addition of a component of the building that is subject to zoning regulations, a site planning and architectural integration or other municipal by-law;
  • The relocation of a building;
  • The installation of a mobile home;
  • Compliance of a building.

Obtain a ''temporary occupancy of public property for construction purposes'' permit

Use our new online service to submit any request for a temporary occupancy of public property permit.

Certificate of authorization

A certificate of authorization is needed for the following:

  • Cut down a tree or an ash tree;
  • Build or install an in-ground or above-ground pool, or an inflatable pool of more than 600 mm high;
  • Install or relocate a fence, a low wall, or a retaining wall;
  • Install or replace an accessory equipment (heat pump, air conditioning, propane gas tank);
  • Install or replace a heating back-up device or a chimney;
  • Remove or install an outdoor heating oil tank;
  • Move or transport a building;
  • Install or modify a sign;
  • Restore or stabilize river banks;
  • Landfill or clearing;
  • Install a communication antenna of more than 50 cm in diameter;
  • Install or replace a water or sewer pipe connection;
  • Replace, install or modify a sewage treatment system (septic tank);
  • Add or modify a driveway entrance.

Certificate of occupancy

No person may hold a business office in a residence or commercial premises without first obtaining a certificate of occupancy.

You’re not sure if your project requires a permit or certificate... Call the Construction and Occupancy Division of the Urban Planning and Business Services Department by dialing 311 or come to the Borough Hall, located at 13665, boulevard de Pierrefonds. The staff will inform you on pertinent rules and standards.

Minor exemption

The minor exemption form is available here.


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