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Collection of branches as part of the emerald ash borer control plan

Fall: Collection of branches begins on October 14, 2019

ATTENTION: Branches must be placed at the curbside no later than October 13, 2019.

No need to call 311. Teams will travel the streets of the Borough during these two exclusive collection periods.*no collection outside these dates

Interactive Map

Consult the map to follow the evolution of the collection of branches

Sectors 1 to 10

Sectors 11 to 19

Fight against the Emerald Ash Borer (EAB)

As the EAB is now found in all boroughs despite the fact that the administration has tried to prevent its spread by implementing free on-site branch collections and shredding in recent years, the seasonal branch collection program is not renewed by the City.

In Pierrefonds-Roxboro, the Borough Council has decreed two free branch collection periods, beginning on May 13 and October 14. No collection will be made outside these dates.

Reminder to arrange branches

  • During these two collection periods, shredding will be done on site;
  • The maximum diameter of the branches must be 20 centimetres and 1.83 metres in length;
  • Hardwood and softwood branches are collected;
  • The leaves must be oriented towards the property and the branches trunk must be oriented towards the street.

There is no maximum quantity, but trunks and branches cut by a contractor will not be collected during these collections. If you have used the services of a tree trimming or felling contractor, plan to have the branches and trunks picked up by the contractor.

Branches may not be placed at the curbside for the collection of bulky items. They will not be picked up.

It is also prohibited to deposit them on vacant land, in ditches and parks under penalty of a fine.

Waiting period
A minimum period of 4 working weeks is required once the branches are placed along the street.

Tree felling and maintenance performed by a contractor: The private arborist is responsible for the management of branches and trunks of trees he fells or maintains.

Collection of organic material

Outside the two free collection of branches, small branches up to 5 cm in diameter and 1 metre long can be placed at the curb on the day of collection of organic material (with the brown bin). To be picked up, hardwood branches 5 cmin diameter and 1 m in length maximum must be tied in bundles.

For more information on the emerald ash borer and the actions taken by Ville de Montréal and the Borough of Pierrefonds-Roxboro to preserve our urban forest, please visit the website: