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  • Frozen pipesSee Ville de Montréal press release on What to do if your water pipes freeze.

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  • Friday February 27th 2015, 19 h 30
    Soledad au hasard (in French)
    The collapse of Buenos Aires during the 2001 crisis serves as a focal point of a dazzling meeting. A Quebecois photographer, looses everything in the Argentine capital during the popular uprising. Ten [...]
  • Tuesday March 3th 2015, 13 h 30
    Éducazoo Visit (bilingual activity)
    The Éducazoo team comes to your library! They will present some impressive and charming specimens from their big family of varied animals. A rare opportunity to see and touch exotic or pet animals. An [...]
  • Wednesday March 4th 2015, 13 h 30
    A House for Linton (bilingual)
    Paprika is very special she can time travel. Moreover, during her last journey, she found herself in prehistoric times: the age of dinosaurs! As always she had touching encounters, but she also had a [...]

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M. Dimitrios Jim Beis - Mayor of the borough of Pierrefonds-Roxboro

Dimitrios Jim Beis
Borough Mayor


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