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Home Ownership Program
Are you dreaming of a property? With its many benefits, this program could make your dream more attainable!
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Pierrefonds Public Library
See the plans of the new Pierrefonds Public Library on the Design Montréal website.
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Citizen's Saturdays
An opportunity to meet elected officials in an informal and friendly setting.
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  • The Royal Canadian Mounted Police Musical Ride will be in Pierrefonds-RoxboroFrom September 25 to 28, the Borough of Pierrefonds-Roxboro will be hosting for the sixth time this fascinating horse show. Seven performances, lasting 50 minutes each, will be held on a temporary 10,000-seat stadium erected next to the Borough Hall located at 13665, boulevard de Pierrefonds, in Pierrefonds....
  • Citizen's SaturdaysMeet Mrs. Justine McIntyre, City Councillor, on Saturday, September 27, 2014, from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. (exceptionally), at the Borough Hall, located at 13665, boulevard de Pierrefonds, in Pierrefonds. Information: 311

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  • Sunday September 21st 2014, 13 h 30
    Introduction to Digital Photography (bilingual activity)
    Come discover the basic concepts of digital photography by participating in three workshops. You will learn tips and tricks to make beautiful photos with your cellular phone or your digital camera. Participants [...]
  • Friday September 26th 2014, 19 h 00
    In a country called Hurry-up! live bizarre creatures who just run. The result: time just slips through their fingers! Fusing clownish with serious, this colorful group of actors, musicians and puppets [...]
  • Saturday September 27th 2014, 19 h 30
    Trio Nomad's Land
    Nomad's Land Trio is the coming together of Saïd Mesnaoui, a master of his tradition, and two virtuosos on their particular instrument, Guy Pelletier (flutes) and Bertil Schulrabe (percussions) that bring [...]

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M. Dimitrios Jim Beis - Mayor of the borough of Pierrefonds-Roxboro

Dimitrios Jim Beis
Borough Mayor


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