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Urban planning advisory committee

The Urban planning advisory committee (UPAC) is a body mandated by the Borough Council to provide opinions on the applications submitted to it in matters of land use planning and development.

While the UPAC is a consultative rather than a decision-making body, it nonetheless plays a key role in the planning, development and administration of land within the Borough. In fact, the role of the UPAC has become extremely important in the planning and administration of the municipal territory, particularly since the legislator has established UPAC’s as a prerequisite to approve:

  • A minor exemption;
  • A zoning change;
  • An Implementation and Architectural Integration Plan;
  • An application to approve a conditional use or a specific project of construction, alteration or occupancy of a building;
  • Projects of construction or subdivision because of certain constraints.

Source (in French): Ministère des Affaires municipales, des régions et de l’Occupation du territoire

Urban planning advisory committee meetings

Urban planning advisory committee meetings take place at the Borough hall, located at 13665, boulevard de Pierrefonds.

Public meeting of the Urban planning advisory committee

The next public meeting of the Urban Planning Advisory Committe will take place on Wednesday November 7,  2018 at 7 p.m., at the Pierrefonds cultural centre at 13850, boulevard Gouin Ouest. Citizens are welcomed to join.

 Consult the Agenda:


Agenda public meeting 03-10-2018 [120,4 ko - pages]

Public Presentation : Zoning adjustments (Draft Regulation CA29 0040-37) - In French [144,5 ko - pages]


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