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2016 Infrastructure work

Many road work will conducted in the borough during the 2016 spring and summer.  In fact, $16 million will be invested in Pierrefonds-Roxboro as part Montréal's infrastructure renovation program for the year.

Work carried out by the Borough

The streets aimed by these investments on our territory are: Laurin (south of boulevard Gouin Ouest), Hortie (south of boulevard Gouin Ouest), Olympia, Marceau, 10e Avenue, 11e Avenue, 12e Rue, 16e Avenue, 18e Avenue, 10e Rue, 13e Rue, Huntington (between the avenue de Versailles and rue Lombardy), Balmoral, Lombardy, d’Alma, Laurier, Dalhousie, Sherwood, Berry, Camirand, Bourassa, Hudson, Fortin, Devlin, Éthier, Dugas, Grilli, Myrand, Troy, Elgin, Forbes, Lirette, Esther-Blondin, Arthur-Hooper, Snyder, Bénêche, Nuckle, des Lys, Rousson, Pominville, Hardouin, Poiriau, Clermont and boulevard Gouin between the 10402, rue du Belvédère and the 3e Avenue Nord, between the 6e Avenue and the 8e Avenue and between the streets Emile, Raymond, Romeo, David, Simone, Andre, Albert and Marceau.

Work carried out by the City

The City center will conduct works on the following streets and boulevards during the 2016 season: Boulevard Gouin Ouest from Pitfield to Orléans, boulevard Saint-Charles from de Pierrefonds to the limits of Ste-Geneviève, rue du Château-Pierrefonds from de Pierrefonds to Meloche, boulevard de Pierrefonds from boulevard des Sources to Gouin, rue Perron from boulevard de Pierrefonds to Richer, rue Fredmir from d'Aragon to Monk.


For more information on the various work zones and their impact on traffic, consult Info-travaux section.

Click here to read the press release issued by Ville de Montréal announcing the infrastructure investments made in Pierrefonds-Roxboro in 2016.