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Memorial Park Benches Acquisition Program

The Borough of Pierrefonds-Roxboro offers a program allowing citizens to acquire a memorial park bench in order to highlight the contribution of a resident to the community. The following requirements and conditions are to be met in order to take part in this program:

  • The Borough of Pierrefonds-Roxboro will receive a request according to which the designated person is worthy of mention;
  • The bench must represent an individual;
  • The designated person must be a resident or a former resident of Pierrefonds-Roxboro;
  • The Borough will accept any appropriate commemoration request such a death anniversary, the life of an exceptional person, a unique event, a marriage anniversary (50 years and more), etc.

Requirements to be met

  • The applicant is entitled to only one request per year;
  • The applicant must fill-out the application form provided for that purpose;
  • The applicant must pay the delivery, the bench, the concrete platform, the plaque, the lettering, the installation and the premises repair costs;
  • The rates are as follows:
    • $500 plus taxes for the supply, production and installation of a memorial plaque on an existing bench;
    • $2500 plus taxes for the supply, the transportation, the installation of a bench on a new concrete platform and the installation of a memorial plaque;
  • The bench will be installed by the borough on its property. The location of a new bench might be determined in collaboration with the applicant. The Borough might refuse any proposed orientation or location. A delay up to four (4) months might be required for the purchase and the installation of a new banch and its concrete platform;
  • The bench model is entirely at the discretion of the borough;
  • The applicant must submit the text to the Public Works Department for approbation. The text must be short (maximum of 20 words) and in both official languages. The French prevail on English. The Borough will ensure the production of a memorial plaque.
  • The Borough will reasonably maintain the bench and the memorial plaque for 10 years. However, the plaque replacement cost (breakage, theft, vandalism) is to be paid by the applicant;
  • The Public Works Department will maintain a register of memorial benches including the applicant's name, address and contact information as well as the designated person's name and contact information, the application date, the plaque or bench installation date, and the location;  
  • The Public Works Department is responsible for putting in place this program.