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In the wintertime

Residents must prepare themselves in advance for Montréal’s winter, with its heavy snow and cold temperatures. Don’t wait until the first flakes fall!

  • Your vehicle must be equipped with snow tires from December 15 to March 15, enabling you to travel safely in the wintertime.
  • Get the equipment you need to keep your staircase safe. A shovel and some salt will help you clear your entranceway of snow and ice. Contact your borough for specific regulations about snow shovelling and disposal.
  • Dress warmly and wear proper footwear when you go outside.
  • Determine your public transportation routes, and be sure your card is charged with fare.

Cooperation makes snow removal easier
During a snowstorm, snow clearing teams, pedestrians and drivers share responsibility for making sure that snow clearing takes place as quickly and as safely as possible. Everyone’s cooperation is important!

  • Obey all signs and move your vehicle on time. This helps city workers:
    • To clear snow more quickly
    • To get parking back to normal
    • To ensure safety vehicles can travel through safely
    • To make your life easier
  • Use public transportation and leave earlier whenever possible. Once your vehicle is properly parked, using public transportation makes getting around easier.
  • Clear snow from your front walkway before the snowblower comes through.
  • Remove any objects that could damage snowblowers.
  • Do not place garbage cans, bags or bins on snowbanks in the streets.

In short

Pay attention to weather conditions
School closing notices
Get winter tires installed – they must be used from December 15 to March 15
equipment to remove snow and ice from your entranceway and your vehicle
Obey parking signs and move your vehicle on time
Make sure to keep the road clear during snow removal operations
to be careful and visible

For more information about your borough

Le Plateau-Mont-Royal
Le Sud-Ouest
Rosemont-La Petite-Patrie
Villeray-Saint-Michel-Parc Extension