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Smart snow removal

Smart snow removal consists of offering Montrealers practical, accessible snow removal solutions, making it easier for them to travel and park their vehicles. It includes all technological procedures associated with snow removal, such as snow elimination (SIT-Neige).

The INFO-Neige application and dynamic snow removal map show planned snow removal operations and those that are in progress. Here is the INFO-Neige colour code:

If the street is marked:

  • In red, snow removal operations are underway
  • In orange, snow removal operations are being planned
  • In purple, snow is being loaded
  • In green, snow has been removed from the street
  • In blue, street is still covered in snow
  • In grey, more information to come

Please note that street signage concerning parking during snow loading operations always prevails over information found on the map

The INFO-Neige MTL application

App captureThe INFO-Neige MTL application presents the schedule and progress of snow removal operations in order to facilitate parking their vehicles.

The INFO-Snow app is available on the App Store and GooglePlay, and can be used to locate a street and view the progress of snow removal operations.

Video of the app

Watch the video on youtube (in French)

Questions about the application?

Contact Sidekick Interactive by e-mail at [email protected] weekdays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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Snow removal planning map

View Map View Map

The online map provides the same information as the application

It will show parking spaces that are free of charge during snow loading operations.

This map was created using the city’s open data.

Video of the map

Watch the video on youtube (in French)

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The SIT-Neige system

SIT-Neige is short for Système Intelligent de Transport de la Neige (Smart Snow Transportation System)

SIT-Neige is management software that aims to optimize snow removal operations (loading, transportation and disposal) and monitor billing.

With this software, snow transportation data can be compiled electronically.

This system replaces the CETEN (Contrôle Électronique du Transport et de l’Élimination de la Neige – French for Electronic Control of Snow Transportation and Elimination) system which has been in place since 1995 and which required city employees to enter data manually. The development and deployment of SIT-Neige will enable the city to review and optimize its processes.

For the winter of 2015-2016, SIT-Neige will be deployed in all boroughs.

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