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Borough management
777, boulevard Marcel-Laurin

The borough management is responsible for reconciling local needs with the borough’s corporate orientations, and for overseeing the smooth operation of all departments. The borough manager also ensures that the four divisions serving the community operate in accordance with the principles of sustainable development, and that their actions are focused on the needs of the citizens. Furthermore, with the support of its Division Projets – Nouvelle bibliothèque et Complexe sportif, it is striving to complete these two major projects for the community.

The Division des communications et des relations avec les citoyens also reports to Borough management. She oversees the quality of Borough communication products as well as the management, development and improvement of quality and accessibility of services and information on Saint-Laurent territory. Follow-up by the Urban Security Patrol and the Saint-Laurent Emergency Measures Plan is also part of its mandate.

Administrative Services and Registry
777, boulevard Marcel-Laurin

The team at the Direction des services administratifs (administrative services) ensures that the borough’s human, material, financial and informational resources are used as optimally as possible. The service supports the decision-making efforts of elected officials, senior management and managers, and provides specialized advice and operational services in the area of human resources that places a priority on the individual while ensuring that Saint-Laurent has all of the necessary technological and information resources.

Furthermore, in 2012, it welcomed the Registry (Greffe), which is responsible for storing and circulating Saint-Laurent archives, for holding Borough Council meetings, and organizing activities relating to procurement.

Culture, Sports, Recreation and Social Development
1375, rue Grenet

The Culture, Sports, Recreation and Social Development department offers artistic, cultural, recreational, sports and community activities for everyone. L’Agenda, which is the recreational program, is published twice a year, in April and August; and the Cultural Season, which is the cultural program, is published during the summer. These two publications are distributed free of charge to all borough homes, and are available at Borough Hall and a the Centre des loisirs or on Saint-Laurent’s website. This division is also responsible for the annual Saint-Laurent Summer Celebrations program.

Public Works
13001, boulevard Cavendish

In addition to planning, coordinating, and heading engineering projects, the Public Works department is responsible for bylaws relating to the environment and for maintaining the operating conditions of municipal infrastructures, equipment, municipal vehicles and all public buildings.

It oversees activities in the areas of roads, snow removal, the maintenance of parks and green spaces, drinking water supply, the sewer system, and the different collections including waste, recyclables, recoverable large trash items, green waste, dead leaves and Christmas trees

Urban Planning and Business Services
777, boulevard Marcel-Laurin

The Urban Planning and Business Services department plans, oversees, and manages development and enhancement programs in the territory with a view to maximizing the developmental potential of the borough while maintaining its quality.

Its administrative structure is composed of two divisions: the Division des permis et inspections (permits and inspections division), which is responsible for issuing permits and authorizations, and for monitoring construction; and the Division de l’urbanisme (urban planning division), which is responsible for planning and the development of regulatory tools, and for coordinating the activities of the Urban Planning Advisory Committee. It is also called on to analyze special projects for presentation to Borough council.