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25th Anniversary of the Ordre des Grands Laurentiens in 2018

Created in 1993 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the incorporation of Saint-Laurent, the Ordre des Grands Laurentiens recognizes the outstanding contributions citizens and organizations make to improve the Saint-Laurent community.

This award is presented every two years since 2014. The candidates have been categorized into four groups since 2016 : Citizen, Community Organization, Municipal Employee and Youth (35 years of age and under).

2018 Recipients

Citizen : Corey Fleischer
Corey Fleischer's story is about a man who chose to fight hate with a simple pressure washer. A graffiti removal contractor, Corey Fleischer began in 2010 to remove graffiti he found in his path, free of charge and on his own initiative. In so doing, Corey Fleischer founded the #ErasingHate movement. His gesture snowballed. The #ErasingHate movement is now spreading all over the world.

How does it work? Anyone, anywhere in the world, who notices spray-painted hateful or racist symbols, comments or graffiti can contact Corey via his Facebook account. Corey will remove that graffiti himself for free if it is in his area (Greater Montréal). If he can't look after it himself, Corey has a global "army" of about 100 volunteers to help him eliminate hate symbols, words and messages. Mr. Fleischer estimates that, through this movement, between 5,000 and 10,000 hate graffiti tags have been removed.
Aware that education is the key to building a better world, he now visits schools in Montréal and elsewhere in Canada to raise young people's awareness of acceptance of others and not to remain passive in the face of hateful attitudes and messages that are detrimental to peaceful community life.

The original and innovative nature of Mr. Fleischer's #ErasingHate project is undeniable. Initially a simple, local initiative, the movement is now a global one. The impacts are calculated in thousands of deleted hate messages around the world. Mr. Fleischer is an inspiration to his fellow residents, to young people and to the movement's 100 volunteers, all of whom want to build a society where acceptance of others is of the utmost importance.

He is followed by more than 15,400 people on Instagram and by over 9500 people on Facebook. His influence is very real and constantly growing!
Community Organization:  Knights of Columbus Saint-Laurent Council #3050

Knights of Columbus Saint-Laurent Council #3050 is celebrating its 70th anniversary in 2018! Charity, unity, fraternity and patriotism are the core principles that guide the actions of this organization. The Knights of Columbus devote their efforts to the Saint-Laurent community by fulfilling the objectives of the movement, which are: to provide financial assistance to its members, their families and beneficiaries; to provide mutual aid and assistance to its sick, disabled and needy members and their families; to encourage social and intellectual interaction among its members and their families; to promote and conduct educational, charitable, religious and social causes; and to provide help in the event of war and civil disasters.

Given the fact that in 2018, Saint-Laurent is celebrating the 125th anniversary of its incorporation, we want to highlight the outstanding longevity of Council #3050. In fact, the Knights of Columbus have supported Saint-Laurent throughout its development and have contributed immensely toward its transition from "village" to "city".

Youth category: Daniela Brito Morales
Daniela Brito Morales, barely 18 years old, is a young volunteer with exceptional energy. The three causes that are close to her heart are immigration, education and the environment. As a young girl, she wanted to do volunteer work, following her father's example. Very active in the Saint-Laurent community, Ms. Brito Morales has been a member of the Centre d'action bénévole et communautaire de Saint-Laurent since 2016 and, as such, is involved in the promotional activities of various community organizations, using her skills as a Spanish translator. She is in fact the recipient of the 2017-2018 edition of one of the Ambassadeurs laurentiens de l'action bénévole awards, and was named a member of the Ordre des Grands Laurentiens by Saint-Laurent Council in 2018, in the Youth category.

Today, a cegep student, her commitment dates back to the beginning of her high school years. In addition to playing sports and studying full time, she participated in the C-Vert program, which is run by the YMCA and aims to train young environmental leaders. In doing so, she was involved in the development and implementation of environmental projects in the community.

Through her strong organizational skills and dedication, she has succeeded in maintaining a balance in her school, personal and community life. Inspired by her actions and driven by her dreams of travelling and a career in the diplomatic corps, Daniela Brito is a young lady who is already making her mark in the lives of Saint-Laurent women and men.