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Chameran-Lebeau Neighbourhood

In 2004, the Saint-Laurent Borough, the CSSS de Bordeaux- Cartierville-Saint-Laurent-CAU and the Comité des organismes sociaux de Saint-Laurent (COSSL) have carried out a situation assessment, with the help of the local community contributors; assessment in which Chameran has been identified as an area of prime concern.

Following this review and within its 2007-2009 strategic plan, the borough created the coordination committee, thus bringing together community-based representatives involved in the area: the CSSS de Bordeaux-Cartierville-Saint-Laurent-CAU, the SPVM and the COSSL. The committee mandate was to draw a socioeconomic portrait of the area and produce an action plan aiming to improve the living conditions of the residents of Chameran.

In 2011, after this great reflection work, the Saint-Laurent Borough applied for a grant to the Ville de Montréal asking for help to support the implementation of an integrated urban revitalization approach (IUR) for the Chameran area and the adjoining industrial zone, Lebeau. The acceptance of the approach had become effective in May 2012.

Since June 2012, the COSSL, fiduciary of the project, created a position of coordinator. This person, in collaboration with the population and the main stakeholders, presented an updated profile of the area that is summarized for you here (see Summary - Diagnosis of the IUR Chameran-Lebeau).

In February 2014, the COSSL published the plan which will be used to guide all actions pertaining to the Intergrated Urban Revitalisation of the Chameran-Lebeau neighbourhood over the next 5 to 10 years.

A web document about the area can be consulted at this adress (in French) :