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Activities on ice

At the Aréna Raymond-Bourque

Open skating and hockey
(Between September and April)

Aréna Raymond-BourqueAt the Aréna Raymond-Bourque, several hours of ice time are available each week between September and April for indoor skating or open hockey.

For a schedule of available times, call 514-956-2580.


Open hockey

For all: $5 with carte-loisirs or $6 without carte-loisirs
Helmet with a complete facemask, a neck-protector, and hockey gloves are mandatory.
Contact is prohibited. Maximum of 25 participants.

Open skating

Child: $2 with carte-loisirs or $3 without carte-loisirs
Adult: $3 with carte-loisirs or $4 without carte-loisirs
Free on Wednesday night with the carte-loisirs

Special schedule for School Break Week

Training for Toddlers

Pre-school skating 2016-2017