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Loisirs en ligne

This Loisirs en ligne site, made available by the Ville de Montréal, allows users to search for sports and recreational activities offered by the Borough of Saint-Laurent as well as by the entire City of Montréal.

In addition to searches by borough, activity type or age group, the Loisirs en ligne site also offers online registration for several activities.

Before your register

1) Make sure you have a valid carte biblio-loisirs that starts with the number 12777...
2) Make sure that your children, no matter their age, have their own valid carte biblio-loisirs that starts with the number 12777...
3) Make sure that your user profile is up to date, especially your telephone contact information. Your carte biblio-loisirs number as well as your phone number are used to identify you.
4) Make sure you have a valid credit card on hand. Only Visa and MasterCard prepaid or credit cards are accepted.
5) Make sure you have a valid e-mail address in order to receive your electronic transaction receipt.
6) If you are eligible for financial assistance, make sure you have already obtained the necessary approval from the Centre des loisirs or Sports Complex so you can benefit from applicable discounts.
7) Don’t hesitate to visit the Loisirs en ligne site before the registration period to obtain further information about this service.

Useful information

You can register up to three people at the same time for activities you have selected.
it is possible to choose several activities by adding them to your basket,
Course fees include all taxes.
If the activity you want to register for is full, make sure you put your name on the waiting list in order to maintain your registration priority.

A word about security

All information you provide via the Loisirs en ligne website is encrypted using 128-bit encryption that uses a security technology called Secure Socket Layers (SSL).
Site users have the ability to determine if the site through which they are providing information is secure or not. When you are on a secure Web page, your Web browser will display a message as well as an icon. Attention! A broken key or lock icon indicates that your connection is not secure.
A page is secure if the first part of the URL address, located in the browser’s address bar, contains an “s”. Thus, the address should begin with “https” rather than the usual “http”.
The information found in the forms that you complete (either directly online or at the service counter) is treated with the utmost confidentiality, in accordance with Quebec’s legal requirements.

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