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General information

Registration to activities

  • No places are guaranteed.
  • The Carte biblio-loisirs must be valid on the activity start date.
  • Regardless of his or her age, every participant must have a valid Carte biblio-loisirs.
  • It is possible to register for more than one activity online via Loisirs Montréal.


Unless otherwise stated, all registration fees must be paid in full at the time of registration. Credit card payments only are accepted for registrations made via Loisirs Montréal. Subject to exceptions, taxes are included in the cost.

For onsite registrations, fees may be paid by Visa, MasterCard or prepaid credit cards.

In some cases, registration fees are payable by cheque to the appropriate recreational organization whose name appears in the activity description. It is therefore important to carefully read the information specific to each activity.

Low-income families

Low-income families of Saint-Laurent who meet certain pre-established eligibility criteria can obtain discounts on fees for most activities offered by the Borough. The evaluation must be made at least 10 days before registration. No refund will be issued after registration. Information available at the Centre des loisirs and the Sports Complex.

Refunds and cancellation

The Direction de la culture, des sports, des loisirs et du développement social reserves the right to cancel any activity. In the event an activity is cancelled, the participants already registered will be refunded in full.The Direction also reserves the right to cancel a maximum of one actibity without refund in the event of a situation beyond its control. Refunds are given for major reasons only. In the case of a claim for refund due to illness, a medical certificate is required.

The Direction also reserves the right to cancel a maximum of one course without issuing a refund in the event of a situation that is beyond its control.

COVID-19: Depending on the health measures in force, activities could take place in person in class (wearing a is mask mandatory at all times) or remotely by means of video conferencing. Participants should be prepared for both possibilities, no refunds can be issued for this reason.

In the event of a withdrawal, a $20 administrative fee applies as well as a prorated fee reflecting the number of classes completed prior to the request date. The final decision will be made by Borough authorities.

A different refund policy applies for each recreational organization. The information is available from the various organizations.

No transfer or cancellation requests for summer camps will be accepted later than 14 days prior to the first day of the camp week. Furthermore, each cancellation request will incur a $20 administration fee per camp or daycare week..

Reservation of recreational facilities

The many recreational facilities in Saint-Laurent parks provide residents with the opportunity to practice activities of all kinds. These include baseball fields, basketball courts, bocce and bowls areas, football and soccer fields and volleyball courts, in addition to hockey arenas, sledding hills, and skating rinks during the winter.

Information and reservations:
514 956-2580, ext. 4702

Aréna Raymond-Bourque
Reservation of a skating rink:
514 956-2580, ext. 4700

Bibliothèque du Boisé
Reservation of rooms:
514 855-6110, ext. 4926 or 4707
Venue details (In French)

Centre des loisirs
Reservation of rooms for community activities:
514 855-6110, ext. 4926 or 4707
Venue details (In French)

Sports Complex

Reservation of sports facilities:
514 855-6110, ext. 4609

For more information, consult the Encadrement administratif pour la réservation et l’utilisation des installations (In French).

Adult workshops

The activities offered at the Centre des loisirs are open to breastfeeding mothers and their nursing infants. Under special circumstances, during activities in which the child’s safety may be at risk, reasonable accommodation will be made. In all cases, the mother is urged to exercise sound judgment. Information: 311

Carte biblio-loisirs

The Carte biblio-loisirs is an ID card for anyone who wishes to participate in activities offered by the Direction de la culture, des sports, des loisirs et du développement social. It provides access to many activities, and entitles the holder to benefit from advantages and discounts on certain services offered by the Borough of Saint-Laurent and by recreational organizations.

The card may also be used to borrow items throughout the Ville de Montréal’s network of public libraries.

A Carte biblio-loisirs with a photo is issued for children aged four and over.

Cost: Offered free of charge to individuals.

Where to obtain the Carte biblio-loisirs?
Bibliothèque du Boisé
Bibliothèque du Vieux-Saint-Laurent
Centre des loisirs
Sports Complex
Reception desk hours at the Centre des loisirs:
 Monday to Friday, from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and Wednesday until 8 p.m.
 (Closed on March 30, April 2, May 21, and September 3).


Offered free of charge, the resident Carte biblio-loisirs is reserved exclusively for residents of Montréal. The card is valid for 2 years. It is mandatory for registration to activities.

Required documents

  • Adult: Diver’s license or ID card with picture and a proof of residence (telephone, electricity, or gas bill).
  • Children: Identity document (school report card, birth certificate, health insurance card, etc.) and proof of address of a parent.


To renew a Carte biblio-loisirs, residents must provide their expired card.

Lost or damaged cards

If the Carte biblio-loisirs is lost or damaged, the replacement cost is $ 2 for persons aged 13 and under and 65 and over, or $ 3 for persons aged 14 to 64.

Changing address

If the holder changes address, the Carte biblio-loisirs will be replaced at no charge upon presentation of a proof of address and the actual card.


Offered free of charge, the non-resident Carte biblio-loisirs is intended for non-residents of Montréal. It is valid for five years.

The card is mandatory for registration, and non-residents will be charged registration fees that are 33.33% higher (to a maximum of $50) than those charged to residents. Non-resident card holders are not eligible for library memberships.