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Loans and fees


Membership in the Montréal Library System is free for residents of Montréal. One piece of identification and proof of residence are required.

Limits on simultaneous loans
Every member is entitled to borrow a total of 40 items from Bibliothèque du Boisé or Bibliothèque du Vieux-Saint-Laurent, including 10 DVDs or Blu-rays and 3 video games. Members may also borrow items from the Réseau des bibliothèques publiques de Montréal as a whole.

Loan period
The loan period for DVDs, Blu-rays, and video games is 7 days. Other items may be borrowed for up to 21 days. Items may be borrowed for an extended period during the summer. Once the due date appearing on the receipt issued when the item is borrowed has passed, a fine will be levied.

Documents can be renewed up to three times unless they are reserved by another member. Please note that video games can only be renewed once, and that board games are not renewable.

Video games and board games cannot be reserved. All other materials can be requested at the library or through the online catalogue Nelligan.

Lost or damaged materials
Members will be required to pay the cost of replacing or repairing any lost or damaged materials, along with non-refundable administrative fees. The late fees must also be paid. If an item declared lost is returned in good condition within 12 months, the charges for replacement of the item may be refunded upon presentation of the receipt.


Residents and property owners of Montréal Free
Business community : Owners and occupants
of a business place of Montréal
Students from an educational institution located in Montréal Free
Non-residents of Montréal
  Seniors (65 and +) $56
  Adults (14 and +) $88
  Youth (13 and -) $44
Lost card replacement fee
Adults $3
Children $2
Seniors (age 65+) $2
Fines of overdue materials
Adults  $0.25 / day / item  -   Max.: $3 / item
Children $0.10 / day / item   -  Max.: $2 / item
Seniors (age 65+) $0.10 / day / item   -  Max.: $2 / item
Maximum unpaid balance before loss of privileges
Adults  $3
Children $2
Seniors (age 65+) $2
Items lost, damaged, or billed as overdue
Item to be discarded cost of item + $5
Lost item cost of item + $5
Item billed as overdue 
(at 32 days overdue)
cost of item + $5
Damaged item: rebinding required $7
Damaged item: minor damage
(magnetic strip, bar code, torn page)
Loss of accompanying item $2
Loss of case or jacket $2
In the case of a member under age 14, the fees will be charged to the individual who signed the library membership application form.