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Lost or stray pets

This section of Saint-Laurent's Internet site, provided in collaboration with the Canadian Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA), promises to greatly facilitate efforts aimed at reuniting missing pets and their owners.

What to do if your pet is lost

Email the photo of your lost animal to the Borough's Citizen's Office (at Your pet's picture will be posted in the photo album Animaux perdus on Facebook (available in French only).

You may also consult the SPCA's blog, which posts the photos of animals found in the areas served by the Society.

If you recognize your pet on the SPCA blog, contact, the SPCA as soon as possible at 514 735-2711 (5215, rue Jean-Talon Ouest), because you have only three (3) days to claim your pet once it is brought there. After five (5) days, the SPCA may dispose of the animal according to its internal policies, which include putting animals up for adoption. More information may be found in the FAQ on the SPCA's Internet site.

What to do if stray animals approach you?

Under the Bylaw on animal control, it is prohibited to feed stray animals on the borough of Saint-Laurent's territory, except within the Trap-Neuter-Release program.

Stray cats

The Trap-Neuter-Release program makes it possible to humanly, efficiently and economically reduce the overpopulation of stray cats. Adult cats living in colonies are trapped, neutered, vaccinated and dewormed, an incision is made in their left ear and then they are returned to their environment. By means of these procedures, the stray cat population can be managed in the long term and their number reduced, as the neutering program impacts the cats' reproduction cycle. It also makes it possible to increase residents' awareness and educate them about the problem of stray cats on Borough territory. Feeding stray cats according to a fixed time schedule is authorized in order to make it easier to trap them. However, it is prohibited to leave food outside permanently.

Residents may join this program by phoning 311.

Stray dogs

Residents must inform the Borough by phoning 311.

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