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Public peace

Alcoholic beverages

Drinking alcoholic beverages in public places is strictly prohibited. The only exceptions to this rule are when beverages are consumed in establishments that hold permits issued by the Régie des permis d’alcool du Québec or consumed in a park with a meal.


It is prohibited to make excessive noise that disrupts the peace of an individual in a residential building, even before 11 p.m. When requested by a peace officer, the offender must stop making noise

Parks and public spaces

It is prohibited to disturb the peace in a public place (street, alley, park, public place or any other public location individuals have a right to enter, or where they are invited).

No one is permitted to be in a park between 11 p.m. and sunrise on the following day, and no one may refuse to leave park premises when requested to do so by a peace officer or an Urban Security Patrol agent.

It should also be noted that dogs are prohibited in Saint-Laurent parks with the exception of guide dogs. They are allowed, however, in the dog exercise areas found in Saint-Laurent.

Complete by-law (French only)