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Fences, low walls and hedges

Fences and low walls must be no more than 1.85 m high, except in the front yard, where the maximal allowed height is 1 m. Fences and low walls are prohibited on the strip of land between the curb or sidewalk and the property line. Special provisions regarding fences and low walls apply in the Nouveau Saint-Laurent and Bois-Franc sectors.

Hedges must be no higher than 1.5 m in a property’s main front yard, that is, the area in which a building’s main entrance is located, and no more than 2.4 m high in other yards. However, when a hedge serves as the boundary between two back yards, it may reach a height of 2.7 m. Hedges must be planted at least 1.5 m from the public sidewalk and trimmed so as to leave at least 1 m of free space between the hedge and the sidewalk. Special provisions apply to back-to-back single family dwellings.

On a property located at the intersection of two streets or a street and a back lane, low walls and hedges must meet certain specific requirements. Please note that the Bois-Franc sector’s architectural servitude may be more restrictive than standards in the Borough.

Complete by-law (French only)