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Drinking water saving program

Pay attention to leaks!

Residents are invited to verify possible leaks from toilet tanks and faucets. These leaks waste water and can occur additional charges to the occupant. A regular water meter inspection can serve to quickly detect plumbing leaks.

For more information, please consult the leaflet “Let's save water”.

Why take care of our drinking water supply?

Because it is essential to our survival
Water is essential to the survival of all living species, including animals, plants and man. Without water, life on earth would be impossible.

Because we have to share it
Water is a collective resource used by all citizens. When it is overused, municipalities are forced to take more water from the supply source, which can result in jeopardizing the quantity and quality of the available water. Consumers who are downstream from a waterway may therefore face a shortage. As a responsible citizen, it is important to be aware that we all need this valuable resource and that we must share it.

Because we must preserve its quality
Inevitably, when we consume more water, the volume of wastewater released into nature is higher. This water, which ends up in lakes and rivers, may contain traces of pollutants even after it has been treated. This results in a reduction in the quality of water available for users and in the degradation of our waterways.

Because we need to protect our environment

The more drinking water we consume, the more energy is required to treat wastewater. This energy consumption weighs heavily on the environment and numerous efforts are consequently launched to increase public awareness of the need to save energy.

Hydro-Québec launched the program Water and Energy Saving Products Program that makes it easy and affordable to order a kit of efficient products designed to help you save water and electricity, without scarifying comfort.

Use 40% less water and save up to 100$ a year* on your electricity bill by replacing your showerhead and faucet aerators with the flow-reducing products featured in the water- and energy-saving products kit. Each kit consists of a showerhead and low-flow faucet aerators. Several kits are available under $30, shipping included. For more details :