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More than 15 years ago, Ville de Montréal created the Éco-quartier program. Since June 2004, Saint-Laurent residents have been able to benefit from their own Éco-quartier.

The Éco-quartier program supports the initiatives of organizations working across the Borough by focusing on the ability of populations to take control of their environment.

In Saint-Laurent, management of the Éco-quartier is entrusted to VertCité. This organization is made up of Saint-Laurent residents, businesses, institutions and organizations that are intent on resolving problems relating to the environment.

Éco-quartier de Saint-Laurent
685, boulevard Décarie, bureau 100
Saint-Laurent (Québec) H4L 5G4
Phone: 514 744-8333


The objective of the Saint-Laurent Éco-quartier program is to improve the living environment of Saint-Laurent residents by integrating the concept of "eco-civic" behaviour into their lifestyles. It is important for the population to take control of the environment that surrounds them, and for that reason, the éco-quartier focuses on changing the habits and conduct of the citizens of Saint-Laurent.

To make this possible, the team at the éco-quartier uses an educational approach with respect to the environment that is based on awareness, learning, taking control and implementing environmental actions.

Areas of intervention

• Management of residual materials;
• Neighbourhood cleanliness;
• Urban ecology;
• Management of water and air quality.


To improve the management of residual materials in order to reduce the quantity of waste
To improve the cleanliness of neighbourhoods
To foster naturalization in order to improve the quality of urban areas
To foster better water management and improve air quality