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Multimedia, phones and batteries

Collection of Small Electronic Devices, Multimedia and Batteries

Small electronic devices (cellphones, mice, chargers, cables, peripherals), multimedia (CDs, DVDs and their cases) as well as rechargeable and non-rechargeable batteries may be disposed of in an environmentally-friendly way at these five municipal buildings in the Borough:
• Borough Hall
• Municipal workshops
• Aréna Raymond-Bourque
• Bibliothèque du vieux Saint-Laurent
• Centre des loisirs

 At one of the entrances to each of the buildings, there is a 3-stream area where these 3 types of waste materials are collected.

Small electronic devices are brought to the Association pour le recyclage des produits electroniques (ARPE), which sorts and forwards them to an approved recycling centre in order to remove any worrisome substances. All other waste materials are separated to recover such recyclables as glass, plastic and metal, which are then processed into new products.

The multimedia is used to make cases for printers, computers, household appliances and motor vehicle parts. It should be pointed out that an abrasive strip on the multimedia disposal bin enables you to erase the data on CDs and DVDs.

Rechargeable and non-rechargeable batteries will be handled by private firms, which place them away from natural elements, at secure sites. Depending on their chemical manufacturing process, they may then be used, once recycled, to make new batteries or new products, such as silverware, stoves, saucepans or concrete aggregate.

In addition to municipal buildings, multimedia and non-rechargeable batteries may also be brought to Vertcité - Éco-quartier de Saint-Laurent, 685 boulevard Décarie, room 100.