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Green waste collection

Buildings with 8 housing units or less: You can put green waste in the brown bin all year long. For excess green waste, you can use paper bags or reusable containers.

Buildings with 9 housing units or more: From April 22, to November 29, 2019, at the same time as the recycling collection.

Accepted green wasteRefused waste
  • Garden and landscaping waste
  • Waste from dethatching
  • Garden residue
  • Waste from garden
  • Grass cuttings (residents are strongly encouraged to practice grasscycling, which involves leaving grass cuttings on the lawn)
  • Tree branches must not be more than 1 meter long and 5 centimetres in diameter, and they must be tied together in bundles if they are not disposed of in a bag or container.



Green waste will be collected only if it is placed in a paper bag or a reusable container and then depsited on the curb of the street. Paper bags are available free of charge at the Citizens’ Office and the Éco-quartier de Saint-Laurent, for a maximum of 10 bags per residential building, per year.

Plastic bags are prohibited and will not be picked up. It is also deposit green waste and branches in the waste and recycling bins.


Map collection areas PDF - 2.75 MB
See the file
DistrictCollection day
1 - Yellow Tuesday
2 - Green Friday
3- Orange Thursday
4 - Blue Monday