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Waste collection

How to use the bin

How to place your bin on collection day?

  1. Gray bin positioningThe bin must be placed outside after 8 p.m. the eve of the collection day or before 7 a.m. on collection day.
  2. The bin must be put away within the 12 hours following collection.
  3. The bin must be placed on the property (on the driveway) as close to the sidewalk as possible.
  4. It is forbidden to place bins on sidewalks, roads or bicycle paths.
  5. The wheels must be pointing towards the house.
  6. Do not put anything on top of or around the bin.
  7. Waste must be contained in the bin so that the cover is completely closed.
  8. When more than one bin is put out for collection, a minimum space of 30 cm must be maintained between the bins.
  9. At all times, you must leave a minimum of one metre of free space around the bins.
  10. Avoid putting the bin in front of a place where a car might park .

Bin storage

Owners and occupants must store their waste bins in the building side yard or back yard, or in the garage. If there is no side yard, back yard or garage, the bins can be stored in the front yard near the building.

In the event of a snowstorm?

During heavy snowfalls, if your bin only contains a few bags, it is preferable that you wait until the next collection day. If you absolutely need to empty your bin, place it in your cleared garage entrance in order for it to be accessible to the truck. Once the bin has been emptied, it must be returned to the property so it does not impede snow-removal operations. Make sure your bin is never left in the street or on the sidewalk.

Refused materials inside the black bin

Tree branches:
Evergreen tree branches (cedars, fir) are collecte in the organic waste collection (see Organic waste collection)
Leafy tree branches (ash, maple, oak) arre collected during a special tree branches collecton ( see Tree branch collection) in order to stop emerald ash borer.
Earth, grease/oil, rock, concrete, hazardous household waste, construction material, wood : must be taken to the écocentre Saint-Laurent (3535, rue Sartelon)
Tires: Tires must be taken to the  écocentreSaint-Laurent (3535, rue Sartelon)
Paper, cardboard, metal, plastic: Must be placed inside de recycling bin
Food scraps ans green waste: must be placed inside the organic waste bin